Build Competitive Products

The ProductSpirit development platform enables collaboration directly with the end-user, for successful commercialization.

User Driven Development

User value

Users are interested in finding solutions to their needs as quickly and effortlessly as possible. The ProductSpirit method ensures that user logic and user insights control the development and final value proposition.
True user value is created when the product experience matches the brand perception and the commercial promise.

Collaborative Execution


The ProductSpirit platform facilitates collaboration directly with the user, external stakeholders and internal multi-functional teams, e.g. R&D, Marketing and Sales. The platform drives effective collaboration and automates the product development process. All with one goal - to deliver competitive products with higher success rate, faster.
More effective collaboration and automation saves time, drives faster decision making, and saves money through resource sharing, knowledge transfer and retention, plus lower interaction costs and simplifies external partner briefing.
Increase speed to market and launch success rate.

Online Platform

Online platform example


Collaborate to translate data into user insights. Instant sharing of user observations, ideas, insights and company know how.


Build user centric product concepts in collaboration with team and end-users.


Present and share auto generated presentations. Online concept test, selection and alignment of the strongest, competitive value proposition.


introduction icon


Introduction and platform appetizer that allow you to experience:

  • The importance of translating data in to actionable insights
  • The ease of building a competitive product concept in the tool
  • How to create a value proposition and test online

We guide the team through the project, from insight to final commercial- and end-user proposition.

Platform icon


Build competitive power into your product, and get access to:

  1. SourceBank

    • Live focus group with end-user
    • Live competitor reports
    • Product surveillance dashboard
  2. Product Development Sprint

    • Automated process and reports
    • Collaboration across functions
    • Live concept test

Experience how you can deliver products with high user value, faster, at a higher success rate.

Concultancy icon


Add help, experience and speed into your development process:

  • Product- and user insight development
  • Online analysis
  • Concept and value proposition development
  • End-user understanding and concept coaching

The strategic advise and support enable the team to solve the project challenge with new perspective and solutions.


We enable companies to build successful products by providing a set of unique methods and applications. We automate the product development process and ensure true user insight is the main driver in the process. The result is more successful commercialization and increased perceived user value, leaving room for a higher profitability.
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